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Affiliated to the World Kennel Union (WKU)


about EKC

The EMIRATES KENNEL CLUB is a society formed to interact with Dog owners, Breeders and Dog Lovers in the United Arab Emirates.  Emirates Kennel Club is a full member and associated with the WORLD KENNEL UNION - WKU.

Click on the Register for the show Button below the Poster

Download the Entry Form and Fill it up with Dog's Details

Email the form to us at

Once we receive your entry form, you will receive a confirmation, which you

have to print and bring along on the competition day for Entry to the Arena.

General Rules & Regulations:

All Dogs should be registered with the EKC.

Owners, Breeders or Kennels from which the dog belongs , should be a member of the Emirates Kennel Club.

 All Breed Dogs Can Enter.

Dogs should be in good health and Groomed.

Aggressive and Nervous dogs may not be allowed.

All Dogs should be Vaccinated. Documents should be shown at the

Entrance to the Arena.

Dogs should be on leash all the time in the Venue.

No Harnesses and Retractable Leashes will be allowed.

No Dresses on the Dogs during the Competition.

Owners are responsible for their Dogs and its actions.

Dogs and Owners should enter through designated gates .

Dogs will stay at the designated area of the Venue at all times.

They will not be permitted at other areas of the exhibition.

No Arguing or abusing the Judges or Officials

Judges decision will FINAL.

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